Can Rebounding Reduce Your Cellulite?

RebounderAs a trainer, I am asked all the time about ways to make getting in shape fun. Because of this, I have slanted my practice toward finding fun methods of exercise. I say exercise instead of losing weight because the phrase losing weight is secondary to physical activity and wellness.

When it comes to fad dieting and exercise techniques, I will not utilize anything dangerous. These popular methods make people lose weight quickly. The problem is that because they are short term weight loss techniques, people often gain the weight back very swiftly.

However, if it were sustainable, people would be much healthier. And FUN is sustainable. A healthy amount of weight to lose for the average person is one to two pounds per week, and I am very successful at helping people achieve these steady rates of weight loss.

Exercising in General

Sometimes people fall off the wagon and reverse their hard-earned gains. Still others want to then sculpt themselves after their weight loss because they feel that the weight loss still did not achieve everything that they thought it would. All of these people fear… cellulite.

To rectify this, I turned to rebounding. It does not involve basketball, but it does mimic the movement that someone makes with their body when they are rebounding a basketball. Rebounding is jumping and performing certain exercise on a small running-style trampoline. It is a sound exercise and really not a fad at all. In fact, I use rebounding when I train for boxing.

Rebounders and Mini Trampolines

Rebounding does not reduce cellulite per se. Instead it reduces weight and targets areas that need toning in order to reduce cellulite. It also requires utilizing proper technique. Your legs have to be positioned properly because the bounce of the trampoline naturally causes someone to react with their body to steady themselves. This is achieved through balance.

It also causes the muscles to contract, stretches and exercises the glutes, all of the leg muscles, and it even strengthens the knees, ankles and feet. Additionally, because it is additively fun, it is sustainable per my theory of exercising.

Why rebounders Really Work

This addictiveness or repetitiveness is the crux of why rebounding is a great exercise. It can be used to break up the monotony of other toning exercises. It can be added to a regimen to produce even more results, or it can standalone as a go to exercise at home or in the office.

Mini trampolines or rebounders are small and discreet and are cheap enough to have them in multiple places. I take my own to the boxing gym because everyone uses the two that are there. Before they were called ‘rebounders’, they were effective members of gym setups. This, in and of itself, is a sign they are legit.

Rick Mason