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How Much Does a Trampoline Cost?

When I started looking for trampolines for my kids, cost was a primary concern. Because I knew that the safest ones are often the most expensive, that did give me a bit of an idea of what quality I would need. The other thing to keep in mind is that size and location also play […]

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Why There Are No Trampoline Safety Ratings

Why There Are No Trampoline Safety Ratings As a prospective trampoline owner with two small daughters who love gymnastics, I found myself shopping for what the little voice in my head kept reminding me might be a very dangerous item indeed. After a few sleepless nights spawned by the realization that maybe I wanted a […]

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How to Improve Your Health By Rebounding

Rebounder Trampoline

The health benefits of rebounding exercise are numerous. That is why it ranks high on my favorite forms of exercise because it’s easy, it’s enjoyable, and it’s safe for just about anybody of any age group. Improving Circulation and Blood Pressure: The health benefits that come with rebounding can sustain and build up all cells […]

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Are Trampoline Parks Safe?

Trampoline Parks Safety

Trampoline parks have become more and more popular in recent years as these relatively inexpensive and incredibly fun centers have been popping up all over the place, especially in the suburbs of major cities. They tend to not only be fairly cheap and especially good for small children to help them burn energy and calories, […]

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Can Rebounding Reduce Your Cellulite?


As a trainer, I am asked all the time about ways to make getting in shape fun. Because of this, I have slanted my practice toward finding fun methods of exercise. I say exercise instead of losing weight because the phrase losing weight is secondary to physical activity and wellness. When it comes to fad […]

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Competitive Trampolining – Check It Out

Trampolining as a serious sport

Competitive trampolining is a unique and interesting approach to gymnastics that combines a number of different athletic skills into several interesting formats. It has been in existence for quite a few years and holds a proud place on the international scene as one of the most challenging and respected gymnastic events in the world. Competitive […]

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Skyzone – A Company On The Move

skyzone logo

With the increasing popularity of trampoline parks, one company has stood out among the rest for its dedication to quality, safety, and fun in a way that no similar establishment has been able to. The rapid and successful expansion of Skyzone is a testament not only to the efficacy of the concept and business model, […]

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Tips To Make Your Trampoline Last

how long will your trampline last

So you’ve finally bought that trampoline that you’ve wanted since you were a kid. Maybe you’re like me and first had the idea after watching Tom Hanks bounce on one in the movie Big, or maybe it was something else that made you really want to have a huge trampoline to just jump on for […]

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Trampolines For Special Needs Children

a child enjoying time on a trampoline

There’s no doubt that kids love to bounce and trampolines are among the favourite outdoor toys kids want. Special needs children are no different – fun is fun, regardless of your ability or skills. Special needs is a broad brushed generalization that encompasses physical as well as mental limitations. Whether the condition is autism, reduced […]

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US Olympic Trampolining – An Overview

It may seem like a joke, but Olympic Trampolining is actually a sport, one that is fiercely competitive and very difficult to master. In fact, the history of the trampoline is in many ways a history of forgotten athleticism, one where an attempt to create a new medium that would improve the human body and […]

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