What Are The Three Best trampoline Brands?

lady-on-trampolineWhen I was first looking for trampolines for my family, my initial thought was to try and find out what the best brands were so I could stick to those. There are quite a few companies out there that make trampolines and rebounders, but I wanted to get a better idea of what I could expect from the brands that were out there and what I should be looking for in each of them.

After several days of combing through Amazon reviews, I think I’ve found the top three trampoline brands.

1. Skywalker – Far and away the best brand out there, Skywalker trampolines are known primarily for being both high quality and affordable. They’ve managed to straddle the line between being inexpensive and being cheap. The metal is always very strong and well sealed, the pad is woven tightly and resistant to tears, and they have a lot of fantastic safety features.

What helps them stand out above much of their competition, however, is their customer service. Not only did I have a pleasant experience when I had to call about a missing spring once, but consistently the reviews confirmed that most people have a similar experience with them. When I called they sent out the new part with no questions asked and included a couple of spares, just in case.

2. Exacme – What tends to stand out about Exacme trampolines is how sturdy they are. The leg design is excellent, making the most out of the space they have available and creating a structurally sound system for keeping the trampoline in place.

Similarly, their nets are really well made and re-enforced in areas where they need to be, such as near where they attach to the poles around the perimeter of the mat. The mat itself can handle quite a bit of weight without a problem and doesn’t tear during normal use for the most part.

Including tools for building with the set was a nice touch since most Exacme trampolines come in three boxes and require assembly. I especially like the spring tool which makes hooking on the mat much easier than having to do it by hand.

3. Zupapa – Zupapa likes to focus a lot of marketing material on its safety features and I can confirm that they are top notch. The padding to cover the springs is nice and thick, the net is well crafted, and the frame is strong, capable of withstanding a lot of use.

That being said, they are also well made in the sense that it’s a lot of fun to bounce on them. Zupapa seems to have gone to the trouble of really testing their equipment to make sure that the bounce is good, it can be used readily, and it can stand up to the elements. A friend of mine ended up with a Zupapa trampoline and couldn’t be happier with the purchase. More to the point, his kids couldn’t be happier.

There are a lot of brands out there for trampolines and rebounders, but these are by far the best as far as my research showed me. Each had their strengths and weaknesses, like most things, but they stood out from their competition by not only making high quality products, but doing so in a way that more people could afford them. Price should not affect safety, for instance, and in these three cases you can be sure that the precautions they take are sufficient to keep users from unnecessary injury regardless of how much you paid.

There is no perfect trampoline in any objective sense, but sticking with there brands will almost certainly help you find the perfect trampoline for you and your family.

Rick Mason