What I Think Of The Upper Bounce Trampoline

Qualities of Upper Bounce TrimpolineI am a father. That comes first in everything I do. So When I make a purchase with any potential safety risks for my son, well I do the research first. I did my research on the Upper Bounce, and want to share my thoughts with you.

When it comes to setup, it is very easy to assemble. So even if you do not own a bunch of tools or are not that handy with them it is no big deal. This is a time saver when you have an impatient child (or adult) who just wants to jump! Plus I think
that we can all agree our time is priceless.

On the note of construction it has a (Top Flex Pole Enclosure System) in which the net runs through the top for better stability. This should in turn helps lengthen the lifespan of the trampoline. It comes in 8×14 and 9×15 at roughly a $47 difference which is reasonable. Depending on how much jumping space you want or are able to fit in the space you have.

The material here seems like quality. It has a eight row stitched edge for added resistance to wear. This is especially good for those who like to really launch off of the trampoline for a good jump height. My son loves to see how high he can jump. Then see if I can beat it of course.

Which brings me to the mat around the edge. It is a thick enough to keep the risk of injury low and easy to remove and put back on. The same goes for the enclosure. Both can be put on or taken off pretty easily for winter time.

The poles have foam sleeves that have a vinyl coating for tear protection over time. This also is a safety precaution for injury as well.

This is not to say everything is top notch though. The straps seem to be of lesser quality than the rest of the materials. Something I notice as a single father being cautious with a new buy for my son. The straps just don’t seem as good as the rest of the material.

The net around the trampoline is good quality as well but I think this also could be a bit better. It is nothing that seems like it will break or anything. Just doesn’t seem as tough of material.

With the setup taking my son and I (and a little help from grandma) just about two and a half hours (with breaks) it was not all that much effort before it was all setup and safe to enjoy. This is not theĀ  absolute best out there but for the price it is more than fair.

When it comes to time with the kids, a trampoline is a great way to join in the fun with the family. It is a good way to cut loose and be a little goofy (like a child) for a bit. That’s why we like to jump on ours. It is a great way to just escape the world and be a kid for a while. Be honest, when you see a trampoline isn’t your first instinct to jump on it? This is a good buy for somebody looking for a fun time that you can have for years with the family and friends. In the end I thinkĀ  that the Upper Bounce Trampoline is a lot of fun and we will continue to have a blast (safely) on ours.

Rick Mason