What Is The Best Rated Trampoline On Amazon?

kid-on-trampolineWhen my oldest daughter, age 12, approached me and said she wanted a trampoline for her birthday I knew I had to start doing some research. My daughter is very active in her gymnastics class and wanted a trampoline so she could practice what she learned in class at home. Following in her big sister’s footsteps, my youngest daughter, age 10, is also very interested in starting gymnastics class with her sister. If both of them wanted a trampoline, I knew I was in trouble. A trampoline is a big investment, and a potentially dangerous addition to our backyard, so I wanted to make sure I picked the safest option for my girls, but also the best value for the money. I began my search on Amazon to find the highest rated trampoline available, and I couldn’t be happier with my selection.

I found that the Skywalker brand of trampoline had the highest customer ratings across the board. The only difference between Skywalker products was the size of the trampoline. The innovative design features make this trampoline safe, first and foremost. The netting that surrounds the trampoline for safety extends the full way down to the jumping surface. Each spring is fed through the net and sectioned off separately. This means that there are no gaps between the net and the springs which helps to prevent fingers, toes, and hair getting caught in the springs. Another safety feature that I liked is the extremely thick padded cover over the springs. This protects those little fingers and toes from the springs when they get on and off the trampoline.

My safety concerns were appeased, but what about the best value for my money? The Skywalker brand of trampolines did not disappoint. There are several added structural features that make their trampolines stable, durable, and ready to withstand years of use. Each joint on the frame is enforced with an extra galvanized steel brace. This adds structural strength as well as prevents twisting and distortion to the frame of the trampoline. These trampolines are built to take some abuse. Each spring is made of steel and coated in a gold-color rust resistant material so they will last for years. Additionally, the padded mat that covers the spring is coated with a UV resistant material to help prevent damage from sun exposure. For the money, the Skywalker trampolines certainly add a great deal of value to their product.

I decided this was the trampoline for us and purchased the 15 foot variety. I wanted my girls to have all the room for flips and twists that our backyard could fit. When the trampoline came, I was surprised at how easy it was to assemble. The instructions were a little tricky to find, packed in the lining of the cardboard box, but honestly I could have figured out the assembly without them. The pieces easily and smoothly went together and the girls were out jumping and flipping in about two hours. The assembled trampoline feels sturdy and it seems built to last.

While there are several brands of trampolines available on Amazon, I decided to do my research before I purchased one, and simply did not go for the cheapest option. There are a few designs of Skywalker trampolines available, which mainly differ on the overall diameter of the trampoline itself. There is a reason the Skywalker brand trampolines are rated so highly. Their top notch safety features and durable design make these trampolines a highly recommended product from other families and my own. I love knowing that my girls are safe to play and practice their gymnastics and my money went to a trampoline packed with added value.

Rick Mason