What Is The Best Trampoline For Kids For Indoors

kids-playing-on-trampolineEver since my daughters were little, they were into gymnastics. They would watch, transfixed, as Olympic gymnasts flawlessly performed their routines during the Olympic games. You could see it in their eyes. This was something they loved and could really enjoy doing! Knowing them like I do and picking up on their interests, I enrolled them in gymnastics.

Imagine the thrill I saw in their eyes when we went to their first gymnastics class. They excitedly took their shoes off and put them into the shoe cubby-holes. I thought they might miss their Dad just a little. But, to my delight, they took off running to join their classmates. They loved every second of the class! Their teacher was amazing with the girls, always incredibly patient with everyone and explaining how to do each routine. She also showed them the right way to use each piece of equipment.

Their Favorite Equipment

One piece of equipment they loved using was the indoor trampoline. I had never given much thought to buying an indoor trampoline for our home. But once I saw the fun they had, and to my delight, how it burned up all that extra energy and tired them out, we were on a mission to find a good indoor trampoline! I had to do some research to figure out which trampoline would work best for my girls. I wanted to check carefully into ratings for safety and durability before buying one.

Qualities To Look For In An Indoor Trampoline

The first thing you will naturally be concerned about is the built-in safety features of each trampoline. I found it best to read customer reviews of each one and see what worked well for other people and why it worked. Some of the best things to look for include:

– A trampoline with a strong frame – if your kids are like my girls, the trampoline will be well used

– Enclosed nets for safety – so no one will accidentally be ejected from the trampoline

– Thick foam frame and trampoline padding – important to prevent injuries. It’s best to make sure the frame itself is well padded

– Easy to assemble – especially important with two very excited little girls who just want to start jumping!

If your new trampoline doesn’t come with enclosed netting, it’s best to look for one with a bar handle for kids to hang on to. Make sure the trampoline frame has no exposed springs that could pose a danger, especially if your kids are very young.

An Indoor Trampoline Has Health Benefits

When kids use an indoor trampoline, it helps them to stay active, burns off their energy and helps with general physical fitness. With all the electronic distractions kids have at their disposal today, this is a great way to get them physically engaged in an activity they’ll love.

What I love is that the trampoline gives my girls a way to exercise any time of the year. It makes no difference what kind of weather we’re having, they can get on it and jump to their heart’s content. They even love having friends over to play on the trampoline, which has led me to receive thanks from some very grateful parents!

The Best Trampoline

It pays to research all the indoor trampolines available and choose the one that best meets your needs. I looked closely at star ratings and whether the trampoline had received any safety awards. Once you’ve found one, bring it home, stand back, and watch as your kids enjoy the thrill of bouncing to their heart’s content!

Rick Mason